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deidre crane

A Little About Me...

How It All Started

I remember being in fourth grade and watching a classmate draw on the chalkboard. I watched how circles and squares and triangles and other numerous shapes were sketched. The movements were so fluid and graceful and mesmerizing; it was like watching a dancer. At first, it looked just like random shapes, but as the sketches were more refined I could see something more appear. I could see some sort of creature and as the shapes were further refined I started seeing a cat. The attention to detail was astounding: ears, whiskers, tail, stripes, paws, claws, joints, nose, mouth, fur. I watched this process unfold, unable to look away for fear of missing a stroke. It felt like I was staring for an hour, but in actuality it was about 15 minutes. I just thought, “Wow... I want to learn how to do that.” To be able to draw characters, worlds, creatures, my thoughts, hopes, fears, a visual journal or diary; the possibilities seemed endless.

I remember asking how to draw like that; if it was possible for my classmate to teach me. My eyes were wide in fear and hope and I remember having butterflies in my stomach. To my relief, my classmate agreed, starting me with the same basic shapes that were used for the chalkboard drawing. It wouldn't be for awhile before I created anything with those shapes. I first got used to drawing the shapes, then how to draw them in perspective, and finally in 3D. I learned how to shade various shapes in different light, at different angles. When my classmate felt that I had those basics down was when I learned how to put it all together. I asked my classmate whom their teacher was and the reply was self-taught. I was awed that someone could just pick up a pencil and paper and just start drawing.

My Career Choice

It was never what I had in mind for a career. I was always thinking along the lines of doctor, nurse, veterinarian, something that involved saving other lives. Drawing was always just supposed to be a hobby; something for me, that was mine and not to be shared. Drawing was supposed to be a medium for all the things in my head, but I didn't realize how much it really affected me. I was constantly going to the library or bookstores to get my hands on as many drawing books as I could (anything from shading, to drawing animals, to wireframe, to human anatomy). I did a lot of studying on my own and took the opportunity to take as many art classes as I could. From fifth grade to college, I took classes on drawing, clay, painting, charcoal, pastels, inking, colored pencils, photography, computer generated art, packaging, etc.

I guess since I had my first art lesson by my fellow classmate, deep down I knew this was going to be my career; but it wasn't until high school when I “knew”. After I figured that out, the only question I had was which form of art. I had no delusions about becoming an artist in painting or photography, I knew my skills would have to be better than they were. I had to figure out what kind of careers have some sort of art-form; I eventually stumbled upon Graphic Designer and after some research, knew that this was it. I would find a college and pursue graphic design. I wasn't to keen on being too far from home, so I looked at colleges around the Chicagoland area that had graphic design courses. I decided on the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg because I could continue living at home and just commute to school. I was more set on Columbia College in downtown Chicago, but the class sizes could be anywhere from 30 students to over 100 students. The largest class size at the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg was approximately 35 students; with that, it wouldn't be too hard to get one-on-one time with the teachers. With smaller classes and an all art school, it really felt like a tight-knit community; it felt like a second home. I never really enjoyed school until college, it was hard not to like the teachers or fellow students; there was diversity in interests, but everyone had a passion for art.

Art Is Life

Art is my career and hobby. I have no regrets for my career choice and do believe I'd pick it again if I had to start over. I love all forms of art or anything art related. I love to doodle or sketch whatever I'm thinking or feeling. I love literature art and am in the process of building my personal little library; my goal is to have a room dedicated to ceiling-high shelves that are filled with books and comics. I want to own thousands of books and have no interest in digital books. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love the smell and texture of the pages and the satisfaction of completing a book that can only be accomplished with a non-digital book. I love to play video games once in awhile because some of the most amazing stories are told through video games. It's a very misunderstood art-form that's slowly getting the attention it deserves. Many people think that video games are a waste of time, or just corrupt the innocent. In actuality, video games have been scientifically proven to improve one's own well-being. Aside from the intriguing stories and beautiful definition, it's a temporary escape. It lets the player escape reality for a bit to become the hero of a world. It can help make a person feel better about themselves or life knowing that somewhere, even if it's just a game, they are needed and depended upon. People who play video games tend to be happier, whether in their personal lives or work lives.

Art is everywhere and in everything we do. I believe that art can save the world and it's why I'm pationate and proud to be a part of it.