Deidre Crane, Graphic Designer: (847) 421-2573,

deidre crane

Simply Beautiful...

Is exactly what you will find in my website. I enjoy and wish to do work in advertising designs, logo designs, and editorials. My portfolio page showcases my skills as a graphic designer. My style is clean, organized, and simple, but never boring. I believe that if an image is strong enough it shouldn't be diluted by other elements. As you look through my portfolio page, notice that you're not overwhelmed by the amount of elements in each piece; the pieces are open, inviting, and still interesting.

My photography page includes multiple art forms – drawing, inking, colored pencils, computer generated art, etc. – but is mainly photography. My personal pieces are not necessarily purposeful, but are more of a journal; it's whenever I feel inspirationally or emotionally inclined.

With that said...enjoy!