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This section briefly describes the process and contract for each project. The process and contract is specific and defers to each client and project. This is to protect all parties involved.

Business/Company Information

When contacted by a possible client, I like to know what the client needs or is looking for. I need to know the details of the project before moving on to any other steps. I want to know if the client is looking for a logo design, a flyer, a mailer piece, etc. I need to know if there's any certain design elements, color schemes, or any other criterias that need to be met. After some of the project information is discussed, I need to know the final due date. From there, it'll take a couple of days to come up with a contract.


The contract will specify client information: full name, business/company name, address, and contact information.


The schedule will have due dates for sketches, color compositions, and the final product. From the date that the contract is signed to the due date of the sketches, I request a small interview with the client about the business/company and will be researching design elements for the sketches. Throughout the sketching process, I send my ideas to the client to see if I'm on the right track or if I need to go in a different direction.

Once a sketch is chosen, I start coming up with possible color compositions and add more detail to the piece. I send my ideas to the client for review.

Until the due date of the final piece, I spend my time adding detail and perfecting the piece. I also send these to the client to be reviewed.

Project Title/Description

A short sentence will be given as to what the project is. For example, to design a logo for so-and-so company.

Copyright Usage

This just states that I'll give my client rights to my work, upon full payment, for the usage that's contained within the agreement.

Fee for Rights Granted

This discusses the reservation of rights, revision fees, cancellation and kill fees, credits and copies, payment, the ownership of the original art, additional expenses, permissions and releases, and a miscellany section.

Signatures and Dates

There will be a section for all parties to sign and date that all agree to the contract and understand it.